The Saving Slim Foundation

We believe we CAN change one person at a time, by leading by example. We can be ambassadors for the pit bull terrier by being the best we can be, through service, volunteering and helping others. We can dispel the stereotypes and the discrimination patiently,

one person at a time.

Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue. Foster.  Fundraise.

Be gentle with the average person who simply does not know what you do. Do not accept ignorance. Do not put down other breeds to make your dog look good. Lead by example. Each dog is an individual.

We Believe

  lets work together...

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What you can do ...

There is strength in numbers.  Collectively we can make change. Sharing what you already know & have learned is similar to planting the seeds for next years crops. It is our hope to share valuable information on our website, via social media & through events that we host, whilst creating valuable change.