The Saving Slim Foundation

THE SAVING SLIM FOUNDATION is a registered 501c3 non-profit and your donations are tax deductible. We  believe that the American Pit Bull Terrier has become very misunderstood in American society. "Slim" was the muse for the Foundation coming into existence. Abused and an ex-fighting dog, he had no chance of survival. He was property of the FCAC shelter in Rome, Georgia where the county has a ban on adopting out Pit Bulls, period. This twisted ideology is called BSL or Breed Specific Legislation, where a dog is not just a dog, but targeted with prejudice.  The reality is that very few pit bulls will make it out of an American shelter alive. Whilst we will never be a large pit bull rescue, but more so a foundation, offering resources and information, we are still very involved in rescue on a daily basis.


It is devastating to read news stories where people have been hurt by a dog. Often an abused, mistreated and mismanaged dog(s). This should not be happening,  especially if the right resources were in place. BSL has proven that it is not effective. All dogs can be potentially dangerous & of course, some can do more damage than others. We must respect the strength and ability of any dog, keeping them and the public safe and increase the consequences when people do not abide by the laws.


Pit Bulls are often extremely intelligent dogs that are classified into the category of working dogs. They are not a dog that you place in the backyard and ignore... they are a sensitive, very high energy dog with a lot of drive and a need for regular mental and physical stimulation.  Otherwise, problems can arise. With pent up frustration, often they will want to escape from their yard and this is when we hear about a problem stemming from it in the news. Pit Bulls are extremely loving, sensitive dogs & they bond very closely with their owner.  A person once said to me that a pit bull is unique because it will look you straight in the eyes, deep into your soul and connect with you; whereas, most dogs will just want to be pet and scratched.  The public has been tainted by the news media that pours out sensationalisms like a pit bulls jaws can lock or they can ''snap'' at any minute... or reporting on a dog attack that didn't even involve a pit bull, but calling it a pit bull. Simply put, pit bulls are just dogs. No breed of dog  can lock its' jaws and no specific breed, "can snap at any minute"... There are good dogs and bad dogs in all the canine varieties. Sadly pit bulls are often owned by people that should not own them and want them for more of a status symbol, than being a member of their family.


The goal of the Foundation is: Education, Advocacy, Rescue and Resources : Education to help pet owners to create a deeper bond with their dogs, empowering them to become more responsible, keeping them and the public safe. Teaching the public about the misconceptions that have been bred by the media; helping to increase the number of adoptions in shelters by families that wouldn't normally consider adopting a pit bull ~ through education and advocacy. Rescue by continuing to save dogs from death row at high kill shelters. (We are not able to take owner surrenders).  Lastly, RESOURCES through fund raising in order to help people & their dogs in our community.  Any monies raised are strictly for the Foundation & its' work. We have an open book policy & want to assure people that any funds will be appropriately used. We believe we will never adopt our way out of this epidemic of over population, but rather through spay neuter programs, clinics and support. Thank you for supporting our Mission and being a part of something that is so close to our hearts and needs YOUR voice, your help, now.