The Saving Slim Foundation

Slim is battling Cancer.

And we are fighting it with him every step of the way...

It started out with a limp that was diagnosed as a shoulder injury that did not go away with anti-inflammatories.  Devastated, we learned on March 23rd 2017, Slim was diagnosed with bone cancer, Osteosarcoma. The room was spinning when the vet shared this news. Since his rescue, Slim is now 8 years old and still full of life. We decided there was too much to lose not to try to help him. We could buy him some extra years of his life. We loved him too much to just give up on him, after all, he never did...

On April 1st 2017 we had to have his right front leg amputated. Following surgery, he developed a pocket of fluid called a Seroma and later developed an infection. A lot of the surrounding tissue had become necrotic and had died. We had to go back in and redo part of the surgery to clean up the necrotic tissue and infected areas. He was in a lot of pain and discomfort for almost 4 weeks. The prognosis is that even once you have amputated the limb with cancer, there is a 90% chance that there are remaining osteosarcoma cells in the body so chemotherapy is needed. Most dogs will live another year to two years, but pain free if the limb is amputated and 25% of those dogs live two years or more. It is our hope that Slim outweighs the odds, yet once again and proves Cancer's chance at Slim to none !  He begins his first chemo treatment on Monday April 24th.

The costs are pretty astronomical.

We are looking at about $13,000 for his treatment.  To date, we are already at $6,145 ... Chemotherapy treatments have been estimated to be between $3800 and $5,000. 

Then with further tests we are estimating the total treatment to be at least $13,000.  If you can help us, help Slim by donating towards his care, we would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you so much for everyone's love and support along the way...


We truly cannot do this without your support.

Our promise is the funds that you donate, will go to saving more dogs. Recently, our Founder flew to Georgia to save "Frannie" from a life on a chain & a life of being used as a breeder for fighting dogs. Frannie was seized along with 5 other dogs. Her 30lb small stature, was most likely her trait that dogfighters looked for and then cruelly, blunted and filed her teeth down so that she could be bred with aggressive males. Frannie could have had a horrific fate.  We drove her down to Florida from Atlanta. As of August 2014, Frannie is in her forever home in Southern California. We had her transported from Florida to California.  We did not ask for contributions for this particular rescue, but cannot do future saves like this without your support.

Please consider being part of the solution & giving these dogs like Frannie, a chance they never would have had...

Update: Dexter Elliot's Story...  Little Dexter Elliot was adopted !   A big story about a little dog. His family needed him as much as he needed them.  The Mom of the family is suffering from two, terminal & inoperable brain tumors. The tumors have attacked her immune system, causing seizures, Crones Disease and gives her severe migraines on a daily basis. The husband and two boys have not had it easy either, seeing their wife / Mother deteriorate, despite her amazingly brave nature.  The Saving Slim Foundation is creating a fund to give them some joy during such a difficult time. Any amount, all donations are very much appreciated.  See the heart warming video that tells their story...and how they needed each other.